Call for Application

Call for Application

for the practical Disrupted Ethnography Autumn School 21/22 of October, 2021.

We invite advanced Master students and PhD researchers as well as post-doctoral researchers, who want to dive deeper into ethnographic research. We further invite practitioners in the field of media and politics, including but not limited to film making, journalism, blogging, and (online) activism.

In case you are uncertain, if you are eligible, please reach out.

To apply for the autumn school, please send your application to by August 15, 2021, 23:59 (anywhere on earth) [former deadline August 1, 2021, 23:59 (anywhere on earth)].

We specifically invite applications by people from the “Global South” and low-income countries. That’s why we offer a hybrid event. Those who wish not to travel or cannot will be able to take part in a remote way. We can admit between 24-30 participants for the entire event, with a maximum of 8 per workshop.

The application should include:

  • A short biographical statement or a CV, no longer than two pages
  • A letter of motivation (max. two pages) or a short video (max. 5 minutes), illustrating your motivation to take part in the autumn school
    • The letters should critically reflect upon the applicants’ experiences from the field or research area related to challenges they face while conducting ethnographic field work.
    • Furthermore, we want the participants to develop questions which can be discussed in a FAQ-session with the workshop hosts and keynote speaker
    • Please include what workshop you are applying for, and also indicate your second choice (if applicable)
    • Please let us know, what you bring in and how your skills and experiences can shape and benefit the autumn school
    • Indicate how you can benefit from the autumn school and the specific workshop you are applying for
    • Let us know if you are planning to attend physically or virtually (preliminary choice by the time of application is enough, the choice is not binding yet)
    • Let us know in what timezone you’ll be at the time of the workshop, if you won’t be attending on site in Bochum. We want to consider everyone’s timezone for the final planning of the schedule
    • Please include 1-3 questions you would like to pose in a round table discussion with all workshop hosts and the keynote speaker
  • Your portfolio (optional and only if applicable)

Please note that the entire autumn school will be held on English. Therefore, we can only consider applications in English.

Applicants must provide the documents in the application process or they will not be considered for the autumn school. All documents should be combined into a single PDF when submitting. If you are preparing a video, please send it directly via mail or send us a link to access and download it.

The deadline for applications is August 15, 2021, 23:59 (anywhere on earth) [former deadline August 1, 2021 23:59 (anywhere on earth)].

You will be informed about your acceptance in Mid August.

By applying, you agree with our Code of Conduct.

Please note, you will potentially be asked to submit some materials approximately 4-6 weeks before the autumn school as part of “pre-activities”. As the pandemic makes it difficult to make any decision regarding a fully online or a hybrid option right now, we have not made a final decision yet. If the local situation in Germany allows it, both legally and ethically, we will go for a hybrid format. That means, people who can and want to travel to Germany, are welcome to do so. Those you cannot or do not want to travel, can take part remotely.

Please note, that we cannot reimburse you for your travel and accommodation costs.

Participation in the autumn school is free of charge.

We are choosing participants based on the likelihood of participation providing a significant practical benefit for the applicant and based on a balanced and diverse group.